Queue Manager Roles for Message Transfer and Routing

The following roles of the queue manager involve transferring messages from the source to the destination.

Message Transfer: This role performs the actual transfer of messages between two queue managers that are directly reachable from one another and implements both the client and server sides of the message transfer protocols, the Message Queuing (MSMQ): Binary Reliable Messaging Protocol (MQQB) and the Message Queuing (MSMQ): SOAP Reliable Messaging Protocol (SRMP).

Routing Server: The queue manager performs the routing server role for facilitating the transfer of messages within a site or across sites. The routing server implements Store and Forward messaging in an enterprise MSMQ deployment. This role implements the Message Queuing: Binary Reliable Message Routing Algorithm [MS-MQBR]. A more specialized version of the routing server role is the site gate role, where the queue manager provides routing between sites.