1.3 Overview

The .NET Remoting Protocol (specified in [MS-NRTP]) defines mechanisms for the creation of Server Objects and the invocation of Remote Methods on those Server Objects.

This protocol extends the .NET Remoting Protocol to add a mechanism allowing clients to explicitly create Server Objects and adds another mechanism allowing clients and servers to control the lifetime of Server Objects. Additionally, this protocol is a .NET Remoting-based protocol, using the .NET Remoting Protocol as a transport.

Additional overview information for the .NET Remoting: Lifetime Services Extension is available in the following sections:

  • Section 1.3.1 — Activating a server from a client

  • Section 1.3.2 — Managing the connection lifetime between a client and a server

  • Section 1.3.3 — Managing the sponsors (clients) associated with a server

Much of the basic information and terminology used in this document is also common to the .NET Remoting Protocol. For more information, see [MS-NRTP] section 2.2.5.