The DOMAIN_NAME_BUFFER structure defines information returned by the NetrEnumerateTrustedDomains method, as specified in section The structure is used to describe a set of trusted domain names.

 typedef struct _DOMAIN_NAME_BUFFER {
   ULONG DomainNameByteCount;
   [unique, size_is(DomainNameByteCount)] 
     UCHAR * DomainNames;

DomainNameByteCount: The size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by the DomainNames field, including all UTF-16 null characters.

DomainNames: The Unicode string buffer that contains the list of trusted domains. The list format is a UTF-16 string composed of one or more substrings. Each substring is separated from adjacent substrings by the UTF-16 null character, 0x0000. After the final substring, the string is terminated by two UTF-16 null characters.

For example, if there are three trusted domains, DOMAIN1, DOMAIN2, and DOMAIN3, the DomainNames string buffer would have the following form:


where <null> is the UTF-16 null character, 0x0000.