The NETLOGON_GENERIC_INFO structure defines a structure that contains logon information in binary format. Authentication protocols make use of this structure for passing generic logon data through the Netlogon secure channel to a DC in the domain that contains the user account to use the domain's database. For an example of using the NETLOGON_GENERIC_INFO structure, see any of the examples documented in [MS-APDS].

 typedef struct _NETLOGON_GENERIC_INFO {
   ULONG DataLength;
   [size_is(DataLength)] UCHAR * LogonData;

Identity: The NETLOGON_LOGON_IDENTITY_INFO structure, as specified in section, contains information about the logon identity. The LogonDomainName field of the NETLOGON_LOGON_IDENTITY_INFO structure indicates the target domain that contains the user account.

PackageName: Contains the name of the security provider, such as Kerberos, to which the data will be delivered on the domain controller in the target domain that was specified in the Identity field. This name MUST match the name of an existing security provider; otherwise, the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) ([SSPI]) returns a package not found error.

DataLength: The length, in bytes, of LogonData.

LogonData: A pointer to a block of binary data that contains the information to be sent to the security package referenced in PackageName. This data is opaque to Netlogon.