Mapping Remote Method Invocation Reply

The message content of a Remote Method invocation reply MUST be encoded as a SOAP Envelope as specified in [SOAP1.1] section 4:

  • The encodingStyle attribute SHOULD be written as part of the SOAP Envelope element with a value of http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/.

  • The Call Context of a Remote Method invocation reply MUST be encoded as specified in Call Context SOAP Header (section

  • The implementation MAY add implementation-defined SOAP header elements (children of the soap:Header element) to the SOAP response in order to transmit implementation-specific information to the client. Any implementation-defined SOAP header elements SHOULD use the namespace "http://schemas.microsoft.com/clr/soap/messageProperties".<39>

  • If the method was executed without any Exception, then the Return Value and the Output Arguments MUST be mapped as specified in section 7.1 of [SOAP1.1].<40>

  • Each Data Value in the Return Value and Arguments MUST be encoded by using SOAP encoding. The specification for SOAP encoding can be found in [SOAP1.1] section 5.

    If the method resulted in an Exception, then the Exception MUST be encoded as a SOAP fault as specified in the Mapping Exception section.