Sending Request

A Remote Method invocation request MUST be mapped to an HTTP request and MUST have the following HTTP headers:

  • An implementation MAY use HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1.<8><9>

  • The HTTP Method SHOULD be a POST. The HTTP Method MAY be M-POST.

  • The Request-URI of the HTTP request message MUST be set to the Server Object URI of the Remote Method.

  • The User-Agent SHOULD contain the string "MS .NET Remoting".<10>

  • The Content-Type MUST be either a binary format identifier or a SOAP format identifier.

  • The message content MUST be transmitted as the HTTP request message body. The message body MAY be sent using chunked transfer coding as specified in [RFC2616] section 3.6.1. If the message body is not chunked then the Content-Length entity header MUST contain the length of the message body in decimal number of octets.<11>