2.2.2 Permitted Error Code Values

These values are used to specify status from an Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) method. They appear as return codes from NSPI methods and as values of properties with Property Type PtypErrorCode. All NSPI servers MUST recognize and be capable of accepting and returning these error codes. The values representing error codes are defined in [MS-OXCDATA]. Permitted values for the NSPI Protocol are as follows:

  • Success

  • ErrorsReturned

  • GeneralFailure

  • NotSupported

  • InvalidObject

  • OutOfResources

  • NotFound

  • LogonFailed

  • TooComplex

  • InvalidCodepage

  • InvalidLocale

  • TooBig

  • TableTooBig

  • InvalidBookmark

  • AmbiguousRecipient

  • AccessDenied

  • NotEnoughMemory

  • InvalidParameter

All NSPI clients and servers MUST NOT use any other error codes.