3.11.4 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

ITypeLib derives from the IUnknown interface. ITypeLib servers MUST implement the methods that are defined in IUnknown, in the order in which, and with the opnums with which, they are specified in [MS-DCOM] Appendix A.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




The GetTypeInfoCount method provides the number of automation type descriptions in the type information table.

Opnum: 3


The GetTypeInfo method retrieves the automation type description that has the specified ordinal position within the type information table.

Opnum: 4


The GetTypeInfoType method retrieves the TYPEKIND value that is associated with an automation type description.

Opnum: 5


The GetTypeInfoOfGuid method retrieves the automation type description with the specified GUID from the server's type information table.

Opnum: 6


The GetLibAttr method retrieves a structure that contains the attributes that are declared with the type library.

Opnum: 7


The GetTypeComp method retrieves a reference to the ITypeComp server instance that is associated with the ITypeLib server.

Opnum: 8


The GetDocumentation method retrieves the documentation resources that are associated with the automation type library.

Opnum: 9


The IsName method indicates whether the specified string matches the name of a type or type member that is contained in the automation type library or its binding context.

Opnum: 10


The FindName method retrieves references to types or type members that are contained in the automation type library and whose names match a specified string.

Opnum: 11


This method is reserved for local use.

Opnum: 12

In the preceding table, the term "Reserved for local use" means that the client MUST NOT send the opnum, and the server behavior is undefined because it does not affect interoperability.

All methods MUST NOT throw exceptions. All return values use the NTSTATUS numbering space; in particular, a value of 0x00000000 indicates success, and any other return value indicates an error. All error values are specified in [MS-ERREF] and MUST be treated the same, unless specified otherwise.