Reserved DISPIDs

The following DISPIDs are defined by the OLE Automation Protocol, as specified in [MS-OAUT]. These DISPIDs are reserved and are meant to provide common, well-known DISPIDs associated with methods that have similar semantics across all automation server implementations. When an automation server needs to provide access to methods or properties that have specific semantics that map to one from the set below, they SHOULD use the DISPIDs specified in the following table.





This MUST designate the default member for the object. The default member is the member that best represents the automation server.



The value MUST be returned by GetIDsOfNames (see section to indicate that a member or parameter name was not found.



This MUST designate the parameter that receives the value of an assignment in a DISPATCH PROPERTYPUT or DISPATCH PROPERTYPUTREF invocation (see section



This MUST designate the DISPID associated with a _NewEnum method that MUST have the following signature.

 HRESULT   _NewEnum([out,retval] IEnumVARIANT** ppenum);
 HRESULT   _NewEnum([out,retval] IUnknown** ppenum);

For more information about IEnumVARIANT, see section 3.3.