Service Root (serviceRoot) and Path Prefix (pathPrefix)

The serviceRoot section of a data service URI represents the location of the root of a data service. The resource that is identified by this URI MUST be an AtomPub Service Document, as specified in [RFC5023] (or an alternate representation of Atom Service Document data if a different format is requested), that enumerates all of the collections of resources available for the data service.

Example valid URIs (as defined by the grammar in section, including only the URI scheme (http:// in the examples below) and serviceRoot elements are:


This pathPrefix section of a data service URI is a data service defined sequence of URI path segments. This specification applies no further requirements to a pathPrefix.

Subsequent examples in this document use a URI scheme of http://. This is done to show a complete example. However, the URI-addressing rules defined in this document do not mandate that the http:// scheme be used to address elements on an Entity Data Model (EDM).