Verbose JSON Format

Verbose JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data interchange format based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language standard, as specified in [ECMA-262/51]. JSON is a text format that is language independent, but uses conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages (C, C++, JavaScript, and so on).  Data serialized using JSON can easily be turned into JavaScript objects for programmatic manipulation. JSON notation consists of two structures: a JSON Object (collection of name/value pairs) and a JSON Array (an ordered list of values).

The following subsections define the mapping between Entity Data Model constructs and their serialized representations in the Verbose JSON, as specified in [RFC4627], for use in request/response messages, as specified in Request Types (section 2.2.7).

In all subsections that follow, if a data model construct is not explicitly referenced, then an associated Verbose JSON representation is not defined by this document.

Note Verbose JSON is considered a legacy format. OData 3.0 services MAY<61> support the Verbose JSON format and SHOULD<62> support the preferred OData 3.0 JSON format