Service Operation Parameters

Service operations represent the FunctionImports, as specified in [MC-CSDL], which accept only primitive type input parameters defined in the Entity Data Model (EDM) associated with a data service. If a FunctionImport requires input parameters, those parameters are passed via query string name/value pairs appended to the data service URI identifying the FunctionImport, as described in Resource Path: Semantics (section

If a service operation requires input parameters, a null value can be specified for nullable type parameters by not including the parameter in the query string of the request URI.

To pass parameters to a service operation, the following syntax is used.

 serviceOpParam = <The name of the parameter required by the Service Operation
                   addressed in the Resource Path>
                  <The value of the Primitive type parameter formatted as per section
 ; see the ABNF grammar in section which describes how
 ; each parameter is to be composed to a data service URI query string.

Listing: ABNF Grammar for Service Operation Parameters