Skip System Query Option ($skip)

A data service URI with a $skip system query option identifies a subset of the entities in the collection of entities identified by the resource path section of the URI. That subset is defined by seeking N entities into the collection and selecting only the remaining entities (starting with entity N+1). N is a positive integer specified by this query option.

The value of this query option, referred to as N in the preceding paragraph, MUST be an integer greater than or equal to zero. If a value less than 0 is specified, the URI is considered to be malformed.

If the data service URI contains a $skip query option, but does not contain an $orderby option, then the entities in the set MUST first be fully ordered by the data service. Such a full order SHOULD be obtained by sorting the entities based on their EntityKey values. While no ordering semantics are mandated, a data service MUST always use the same semantics to obtain a full ordering for all requests.

The syntax of the skip system query option is defined as follows.

 skipQueryOp = "$skip=" 1*DIGIT


 http://host/service.svc/Orders?$order=OrderDate desc&$skip=10

The set of Order entities sorted by ShippedDate (descending), starting with the 11th order.


The set of Order entity type instances (associated with the Customer entity type instance identified by EntityKey value 'ALFKI') starting with the 11th order.