Received Capabilities Method Request

If the currentState variable is set to INNER_IDENTITY_SENT, then:

  1. If isCapabilitiesSupported is set to FALSE, prepare an EAP NAK packet as per [RFC3748] section 5.3.

  2. If isCapabilitiesSupported is set to TRUE, prepare a Capabilities Method Response (section packet with the F flag set to one if PEAP peer supports phase 2 fragmentation, otherwise set F flag to zero.<13> If the F flag of the received packet is set to one and PEAP peer is phase 2 fragmentation capable, then set isFragmentationAllowed to TRUE, otherwise set isFragmentationAllowed to false.

  3. Compress the EAP packet (as specified in section obtained above and then encrypt the compressed data by passing it to the TLS layer using the EncryptMessage method.

  4. Prepare a PEAP packet by keeping the encrypted data returned by the EncryptMessage method as the Data field of the PEAP packet. Then, send the PEAP packet to the server (see section

If currentState is not set to INNER_IDENTITY_SENT, then the packet is ignored.