GetValue (Opnum 66)

The GetValue method retrieves a user-defined value. The GetValue method retrieves a name and value pair that was set using the SetValue method. This pair can either be used as metadata for the data collector set, in which case it has no effect on the execution of the data collector set, or it can be used as arguments for task execution. For example, when a performance counter crosses a specified threshold, a scheduled task can run. In the event that there exists a key/value pair that matches a task argument, PLA will substitute the value as an argument to pass into the execution of that task. For more information about using the Value field as task argument, see section

 HRESULT GetValue(
   BSTR key,
   [out, retval] BSTR* value

key: Supplies the key of the value to retrieve. The key cannot be null or the empty BSTR. Any other BSTR is a valid value.

value: Receives the value associated with the key. The value that is returned, associated with the key that was passed as a parameter into this method, was set by calling the SetValue method.

Return Values: This method MUST return an HRESULT with the severity bit clear on success as specified in [MS-ERREF]; otherwise, it MUST return one of the errors as defined in 2.2.1 or one of the errors as defined in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.