Discovering Disconnected RunspacePools and Associated Pipelines on a Server

Before connecting to a RunspacePool on a server, the client needs to obtain an identifier for that RunspacePool. Each RunspacePool instance is represented as a WSMan Shell instance. Clients can use the wxf:Enumerate request (as specified in [MS-WSMV]) to obtain a list of ShellID values, which are the RunspacePool identifiers.

The client uses the identifier for the RunspacePool it intends to connect to in the wxf:Connect message that initiates the connection process. See section for details.

After a client has connected to a RunspacePool, it can enumerate the pipelines in the RunspacePool and connect to a particular pipeline to receive that pipeline's output. Each pipeline is represented as a WSMan Command instance. Clients again use the wxf:Enumerate request to obtain a list of CommandID values, which are the pipeline identifiers.

The client sends another wxf:Connect message with the pipeline identifier to initiate a connection to that pipeline. See section for details.