Rules for the wxf:Connect Message

A client uses the wxf:Connect message to connect to an existing RunspacePool on the server, as specified in section

Upon receiving this message, the server compares the "protocolversion" option against the value "2.2" (see section The server MUST send a wxf:Fault message as specified in section when either of the following conditions is true:

  • The "protocolversion" option is missing.

  • The "protocolversion" option is present, but the major version number of the value it contains is not equal to 2.

The wxf:Connect message will contain "connectXml" data, as specified in section The server decodes this Base-64 data and processes the message per the rules described in section The server expects this payload to contain a SESSION_CAPABILITY message followed by a CONNECT_RUNSPACEPOOL message. If the expected payload is not found, the server MUST send a wxf:Fault message to the client.