Registering a Secure Peer Name

To register a Secure Peer Name, a public key from the public-private key pair that is known to the consumer MUST be used as an authority and the Unicode string "RAContact" MUST be used as a Peer identity to create a Secure Peer Name. The encrypted connection string payload that is generated in section MUST be used as the extended payload when this Peer Name is registered. PNRP covers registering a Peer Name and designating a payload to associate with the Peer Name. The FriendlyName (as specified in [MS-PNRP], section string of the Peer Name MUST be set to the byte length of the portion of the payload that is the exported AES key defined in section The byte length is expressed as a Unicode string containing the decimal equivalent of the value of the byte length. For example, if the value of the byte length is 324, the comment section would contain the Unicode string "324".