Processing of FastGlyph

The structure and fields of the FastGlyph Primary Drawing Order are specified in section, and the techniques described in section demonstrate how to decode and process the order.

If support for glyph caching was not specified in the Glyph Cache Capability Set (see [MS-RDPBCGR] section, the client SHOULD ignore this order because it requires the existence of the glyph caches (see section

All of the glyphs associated with the glyph cache indices specified in the order MUST have been received by the client in a prior Revision 1 or 2 Cache Glyph Secondary Drawing Order (see sections and or a FastGlyph Primary Drawing Order.

Once the client has completed decoding and processing the FastGlyph order, and the glyph has been rendered successfully, the glyph data MUST be stored in the specified glyph cache.