Processing Demand Active PDU

The Demand Active PDU is processed by the client during the connection establishment phase, as specified in [MS-RDPBCGR] section

Remote applications integrated locally (RAIL) clients MUST verify that this PDU contains two RAIL-specific capabilities in the capabilitySets field of the TS_DEMAND_ACTIVE_PDU ([MS-RDPBCGR] section structure: the Remote Programs Capability Set, as specified in section, and the Window List Capability Set, as specified in section If it does not contain these capability sets, or if the RailSupportLevel of the Remote Programs Capability Set is not set to at least TS_RAIL_LEVEL_SUPPORTED, or the WndSupportLevel of the Window List Capability Set is TS_WINDOW_LEVEL_NOT_SUPPORTED (0), the client MUST drop the connection.

The client SHOULD use the NumIconCaches and NumIconCacheEntries of the Window List Capability Set to determine the values of NumIconCaches and NumIconCacheEntries reported by it in the Confirm Active PDU, as specified in section