1.3.1 Video Redirection Virtual Channel Protocol

The Remote Desktop Protocol Video Redirection Virtual Channel Extension is divided into the following logical sequences:

Channel setup sequence: A channel is opened, and capabilities are exchanged. The channel is assigned a specific identifier that is used by the client and the server to map media data and the playback acknowledgments.

Presentation initialization and termination sequence: The presentation is established. After the format is negotiated, streams are set up for the presentation. When complete, the individual streams and the presentation are terminated.

Playback state sequence: The client is notified of the changes in the playback state of the presentation.

Data streaming sequence: Media data for a stream is transferred from the server to the client.

Geometry handling sequence: The geometry information regarding the video window on the server is transferred to the client.

Volume handling sequence: Notifications for changes to the volume of an audio stream are sent to the client.