Fault Codes

The RMS: Client-to-Server Protocol [MS-RMPR] allows a server to notify a client of application-level faults by generating SOAP fault codes as specified in [SOAP1.1] section 4.4. A SOAP fault code returned by an RMS server always has a faultcode value of Server, as specified in [SOAP1.1] section 4.4.1.

When a Server SOAP fault is returned by the RMS server, the name of the exception causing the fault SHOULD be included in the faultstring sub-element of the SOAP fault. The format used when populating the faultstring sub-element SHOULD be a FaultString as specified in the following section.

 FaultString = ExceptionString
 ExceptionString = ExceptionName / ExceptionName DelimText 0*1(ExceptionBegin 0*1(ExceptionString))
 ExceptionName = 0*(IdentifierName '.') IdentifierName
 DelimText = ExceptionDelim Text
 ExceptionDelim = '-' / ':' / SP
 Text = 0*(CHAR)
 ExceptionBegin = '--->' 0*(SP)

IdentifierName: The IdentifierName portion of a FaultString MUST follow Annex 7 of Technical Report 15 of the Unicode Standard 3.0 governing the set of characters permitted to start and be included in identifiers, as specified in [UNICODENORMFORMS]. Identifiers MUST be in the canonical format defined by Unicode Normalization Form C.

For more information, see [ECMA-335] section 8.5.1.