The DISTRIBUTIONPOINT elements of the CLC describe the location of the server that issued the CLC. The server at these addresses is used for issuing ULs from content that is published using this CLC.

The DISTRIBUTIONPOINT elements MUST use the following template.

    <OBJECT type="[[- type -]]">
       <ID type="MS-GUID">
          [[- GUID -]]
          DRM Server Cluster
       [[- address -]]

[[- type -]]: MUST be the type of the DISTRIBUTIONPOINT address. For an intranet address, the type is "License-Acquisition-URL". For an external address, the type is "Extranet-License-Acquisition-URL".

[[- GUID -]]: MUST be a unique GUID that identifies this DISTRIBUTIONPOINT element, represented as a literal ASCII string enclosed in braces.<21>

[[- address -]]: MUST be an ADDRESS element of type "URL" containing the URL of the server. For an intranet address, this is the internal URL of the server that issued the CLC. For an extranet address, this is the external URL of the server that issued the CLC using an FQDN.