An inbound proxy implementation MUST NOT accept the IN_R1/A5 RTS PDU in any state other than opened. If received in any other state, this PDU is a protocol error and the inbound proxy MUST treat it as a protocol error as specified in section

If this RTS PDU is received in opened state, the inbound proxy implementation MUST perform the following actions in the sequence given:

  1. Send IN_R1/A6 RTS PDU to the server. The IN_R1/A6 PDU is initialized by using the elements of the IN_R1/A5 RTS PDU.

  2. Send RPC PDUs queued due to flow control, if it has any, to the server as specified in section

  3. Send IN_R1/B1 RTS PDU to the server.

  4. Close the connection to the client and to the server.

  5. Transition to the finished state.