The RPC_V2_NOTIFY_OPTIONS structure specifies options for a change notification object that monitors a printer or print server for any changes in state.<73>

 typedef struct _RPC_V2_NOTIFY_OPTIONS {
   DWORD Version;
   DWORD Reserved;
   DWORD Count;
   [size_is(Count), unique] RPC_V2_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_TYPE* pTypes;

Version: The version of the structure. The value of this member MUST be 0x00000002.

Reserved: A bit field that specifies attributes of the change notification. The name "Reserved" is intentional.





Refreshed data is requested from the server for all monitored members.

Count: The number of RPC_V2_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_TYPE structures (section in the array pointed to by the pTypes member.

pTypes: A pointer to an array of RPC_V2_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_TYPE structures, each of which identifies a set of print job or printer information members to be monitored by a printer change notification object.