The RPC_DRIVER_INFO_4 structure provides information about a printer driver.<24>

 typedef struct _RPC_DRIVER_INFO_4 {
   DWORD cVersion;
   [string] wchar_t* pName;
   [string] wchar_t* pEnvironment;
   [string] wchar_t* pDriverPath;
   [string] wchar_t* pDataFile;
   [string] wchar_t* pConfigFile;
   [string] wchar_t* pHelpFile;
   [string] wchar_t* pMonitorName;
   [string] wchar_t* pDefaultDataType;
   DWORD cchDependentFiles;
   [size_is(cchDependentFiles), unique] 
     wchar_t* pDependentFiles;
   DWORD cchPreviousNames;
   [size_is(cchPreviousNames), unique] 
     wchar_t* pszzPreviousNames;

All members not defined in this section are specified in sections and