The RPC_BIDI_RESPONSE_DATA structure holds a single bidirectional response.<69>

 typedef struct _RPC_BIDI_RESPONSE_DATA {
   DWORD dwResult;
   DWORD dwReqNumber;
   [string, unique] wchar_t* pSchema;
   RPC_BIDI_DATA data;

dwResult: The result of the operation that used this structure. If the operation was successful, the value of this member MUST be set to zero; otherwise, the value of this member MUST be set to a nonzero value.<70>

dwReqNumber: The index of the response, which is used to match the response to the request in a multi-request operation.

pSchema: A pointer to the schema string that identifies the requested information.<71>

data: The data that is associated with the schema. This can be a single piece of data or a homogeneous data list. The data MUST be composed of a name, a type, and a value; for example, "\Printer.Stapler:CurrentValue". It is referenced by its name under Properties.