RpcFindClosePrinterChangeNotification (Opnum 56)

The RpcFindClosePrinterChangeNotification method closes a change notification object created by RpcRemoteFindFirstPrinterChangeNotification (section or RpcRemoteFindFirstPrinterChangeNotificationEx (section<364> The printer or print server associated with the change notification object is no longer monitored by that object.

 DWORD RpcFindClosePrinterChangeNotification(
   [in] PRINTER_HANDLE hPrinter

hPrinter: A handle to a printer object or server object that was opened by RpcAddPrinter (section, RpcAddPrinterEx (section, RpcOpenPrinter (section, or RpcOpenPrinterEx (section

Return Values: This method MUST return zero (ERROR_SUCCESS) to indicate successful completion or a nonzero Windows error code to indicate failure [MS-ERREF].

Upon receiving this message, the server MUST validate parameters as follows:

  • Perform validation steps as specified in PRINTER_HANDLE Parameters, section This method SHOULD assume that the handle to the printer or server object can be used without further access checks.

  • Verify that there is a change notification object associated with the printer object handle.

If parameter validation fails, the server MUST fail the operation immediately and return a nonzero error response to the client. Otherwise, the server MUST process the message and compose a response to the client as follows:

  • Clear all internal change notification objects associated with the hPrinter.

  • Remove the client from the list of notification clients for the server or printer object.

  • Return the status of the operation.