The PPP_IPCP_INFO2 structure contains the result of a PPP control protocol negotiation for the IP.

 typedef struct _PPP_IPCP_INFO2 {
   DWORD dwError;
   WCHAR wszAddress[16];
   WCHAR wszRemoteAddress[16];
   DWORD dwOptions;
   DWORD dwRemoteOptons;

dwError: See dwError in PPP_IPCP_INFO (section

wszAddress: See wszAddress in PPP_IPCP_INFO.

wszRemoteAddress: See wszRemoteAddress in PPP_IPCP_INFO.

dwOptions: Specifies IP Configuration Parameters (IPCP) options for the local computer.

When set to PPP_IPCP_VJ (0x00000001), indicates that IP datagrams sent by the local computer are compressed using Van Jacobson compression [RFC1144]. Otherwise, set to 0x00000000.

dwRemoteOptons: Uses the same values as dwOptions but applies to datagrams received by the local computer.