The MPR_SERVER_EX_1 structure<130> be used to get or set the configuration of a RAS server.

 typedef struct _MPR_SERVER_EX_1 {
   BOOL fLanOnlyMode;
   DWORD dwUpTime;
   DWORD dwTotalPorts;
   DWORD dwPortsInUse;
   DWORD Reserved;

Header: This specifies the version of the MPR_SERVER_EX_1 structure; and MUST be a MPRAPI_OBJECT_HEADER_IDL (section whose revision field MUST be 0x01, and whose type field MUST be 0x02.

fLanOnlyMode: Specifies whether RRAS is running on the router. If TRUE, RRAS is not running as the router; if FALSE, RRAS is running as router.

dwUpTime: Specifies the elapsed time, in seconds, since the router was started.

dwTotalPorts: Specifies the number of ports on the system.

dwPortsInUse: Specifies the number of ports currently in use.

Reserved: Unused, MUST be set to 0.

ConfigParams: This MUST be a MPRAPI_TUNNEL_CONFIG_PARAMS_1 structure.