2.1 Transport

RRASM uses RPC over named pipes, with the named pipe-name as \PIPE\ROUTER and DCOM interfaces.

The protocol MUST use the following UUID for the RPC interfaces:

  • 8f09f000-b7ed-11ce-bbd2-00001a181cad for the dimsvc interface

  • 20610036-fa22-11cf-9823-00a0c911e5df for the rasrpc interface

The protocol MUST use the following UUIDs for the REMRAS DCOM interfaces:

  • 66a2db1b-d706-11d0-a37b-00c04fc9da04 for the IRemoteNetworkConfig interface

  • 66a2db20-d706-11d0-a37b-00c04fc9da04 for the IRemoteRouterRestart interface

  • 66a2db21-d706-11d0-a37b-00c04fc9da04 for the IRemoteSetDnsConfig interface

  • 66a2db22-d706-11d0-a37b-00c04fc9da04 for the IRemoteICFICSConfig interface

  • 67e08fc2-2984-4b62-b92e-fc1aae64bbbb for the IRemoteStringIdConfig interface

  • 6139d8a4-e508-4ebb-bac7-d7f275145897 for the IRemoteIPV6Config interface

  • 5ff9bdf6-bd91-4d8b-a614-d6317acc8dd8 for the IRemoteSstpCertCheck interface