The MIB_UDPSTATS structure contains statistics for the UDP running on the local computer. This structure is used in MIB_OPAQUE_INFO (section structure.

 typedef struct _MIB_UDPSTATS {
   DWORD dwInDatagrams;
   DWORD dwNoPorts;
   DWORD dwInErrors;
   DWORD dwOutDatagrams;
   DWORD dwNumAddrs;

dwInDatagrams: The number of datagrams received.

dwNoPorts: The number of datagrams received that were discarded because the port specified was invalid.

dwInErrors: The number of erroneous datagrams received. This number does not include the value contained by the dwNoPorts member.

dwOutDatagrams: The number of datagrams transmitted.

dwNumAddrs: The number of entries in the UDP listener table.