The IPX_STATIC_ROUTE_INFO structure MAY<84> be used to carry the route information for an IPX interface. When this structure is encapsulated within the RTR_TOC_ENTRY (section, the InfoType value used MUST be 0x00000002.

 typedef struct _IPX_STATIC_ROUTE_INFO {
   union {
     ULONG DwordAlign;
     UCHAR Network[4];
   USHORT TickCount;
   USHORT HopCount;
   UCHAR NextHopMacAddress[6];

DwordAlign: This field of the union MUST NOT be used.

Network: This member MUST be the 4-byte IPX network number in hexadecimal (8 hexadecimal digits). For example, 1abe32.0000.0c33.2331. The first 32 bits represent the network address and the remaining bits represent the node address; that is, the format is network.node.

TickCount: This MUST be the number of ticks to get to the network number. One unit of tick count is approximately 1/18 seconds.

HopCount: This MUST be the number of routers to be traversed to get to the network number.

NextHopMacAddress: This MUST be the 6-byte MAC address of the next hop in hexadecimal (12 hexadecimal digits).