The MIB_IPMCAST_OIF_STATS structure stores the statistics that are associated with an outgoing multicast interface.

 typedef struct _MIB_IPMCAST_OIF_STATS {
   DWORD dwOutIfIndex;
   DWORD dwNextHopAddr;
   PVOID pvDialContext;
   ULONG ulTtlTooLow;
   ULONG ulFragNeeded;
   ULONG ulOutPackets;
   ULONG ulOutDiscards;

dwOutIfIndex: Specifies the outgoing interface to which these statistics are related.

dwNextHopAddr: Specifies the address of the next hop that corresponds to dwOutIfIndex. The dwOutIfIndex and dwIfNextHopIPAddr members uniquely identify a next hop on point-to-multipoint interfaces, where one interface connects to multiple networks. Examples of point-to-multipoint interfaces include non-broadcast multiple-access (NBMA) interfaces, and the internal interface on which all dial-up clients connect. For Ethernet and other broadcast interfaces, specify zero (0). Also specify zero (0) for point-to-point interfaces, which are identified by only dwOutIfIndex.

pvDialContext: Reserved. This member MUST be NULL.

ulTtlTooLow: Specifies the number of packets on this outgoing interface that were discarded because the packet's TTL value was too low.

ulFragNeeded: Specifies the number of packets that required fragmentation when they were forwarded on this interface.

ulOutPackets: Specifies the number of packets that were forwarded out of this interface.

ulOutDiscards: Specifies the number of packets that were discarded on this interface.