The MPR_SERVER_EX_IDL union<131> be a placeholder for one of the following structures: MPR_SERVER_EX_1 (section, MPR_SERVER_EX_2 (section, or MPR_SERVER_EX_3 (section<132>

 typedef union _MPR_SERVER_EX_IDL switch (UCHAR  revision) ServerConfigObject {
   case 1: MPR_SERVER_EX_1 ServerConfig1;
   case 2: MPR_SERVER_EX_2 ServerConfig2;
   case 3: MPR_SERVER_EX_3 ServerConfig3;

ServerConfig1: This MUST be an MPR_SERVER_EX_1 structure.

ServerConfig2: This MUST be an MPR_SERVER_EX_2 structure.

ServerConfig3: This MUST be an MPR_SERVER_EX_3 structure.