IRemoteStringIdConfig Interface (Opnum 3)

The IRemoteStringIdConfig interface inherits the IUnknown interface, as specified in [MS-DCOM] section Method opnum field values start with 3; opnum values 0 through 2 represent the IUnknown_QueryInterface, AddRef, and Release methods, respectively.

To receive incoming remote calls for this interface, the server MUST implement a DCOM object that uses the UUID {67e08fc2-2984-4b62-b92e-fc1aae64bbbb}.

This interface is used to retrieve a detailed error string corresponding to an error.

In these methods, some error codes are implementation-specific and are referred to as nonzero implementation-specific error codes.

Methods in RPC Opnum order.




Returns the string corresponding to the specified string ID.

Opnum: 3