Invoke RASRPC Method

The RRASM server provides the remote management capability to the RRAS implementation. The RRAS implementation refers to the actual task of configuring and providing the routing and remote access functionality that is outside the scope of the RRASM protocol. For more information about routing and remote access, see [MSFT-RRA].To keep the implementation aspects separate from the semantics of the RRASM methods, this abstract interface is defined with the RRAS implementation. With this, any RPC method request received by the RRASM server, after the required validations done by the RRASM server, are passed to the RRAS server through this interface. The Opnum and the data structures are passed as is to the RRAS server. As part of this processing, RRAS will perform the actual management task as defined by the semantics of the RRASM method and will return any information requested by the RRASM server on behalf of the remote RRASM client and return the status of the operation requested by the RRASM server (on behalf of the RRASM client). The RRASM server then relays these return values and data back to the remote RRASM client. The RRAS understands the data structures that the RRASM server requires and can process and provide information in the same manner.