INtmsObjectManagement2::GetNtmsUIOptionsA (Opnum 13)

The GetNtmsUIOptionsA method enumerates the list of computer names to which the specified type of UI is being directed for an object, with strings encoded using ASCII.

 HRESULT GetNtmsUIOptionsA(
   [in, unique] const LPNTMS_GUID lpObjectId,
   [in] DWORD dwType,
   [out, size_is(*lpdwBufSize), length_is(*lpdwDataSize)] 
     unsigned  char* lpszDestination,
   [in] DWORD* lpdwBufSize,
   [out] DWORD* lpdwDataSize,
   [out] DWORD* lpdwOutSize

lpObjectId: A pointer to the identifier of a computer or library whose UI is being redirected. To choose all events for this session, set this parameter to NULL.

dwType: A value from the NtmsUITypes (section enumeration specifying the type of UI messages to enumerate.

lpszDestination: A buffer of null-terminated destinations, with the buffer terminated by two null characters.

lpdwBufSize: A pointer to the size, in bytes, of lpszDestination.

lpdwDataSize: A pointer to the number of strings in lpszDestination.

lpdwOutSize: A pointer to the required size of the lpdwDataSize parameter if more data needs to be returned than can fit in lpszDestination. In such a case, lpdwDataSize MUST be set to 0.

Return value/code




The call was successful.



Access to an object was denied.



An allocation failure occurred during processing.



The parameter is not valid.



The specified buffer size is not large enough.



The object was not found.

Upon receiving this message, the server MUST verify that lpszDestination is not NULL, verify that dwType is not equal to NTMS_UITYPE_INVALID, and verify that dwType is not equal to or greater than NTMS_UITYPE_MAX. If parameter validation fails, the server MUST immediately fail the operation and return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x80070057).

If parameter validation succeeds, the server MUST perform the following actions:

  • Ensure that the client has READ permissions on the object.

  •  Validate the object container.

  •  Allocate a large enough buffer to hold all of the destinations.

  •  Traverse through all the available destinations, and generate the list of machine names to which the specified type of UI is being directed for the given object.

  •  Return this list to the client.

If the client does not have the required access rights, the server MUST return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED (0x80070005). If the buffer size specified by lpdwBufSize is too small, the server MUST return ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER (0x8007007A) with lpdwOutSize set to the required size.

Strings sent to this method as parameters MUST be ASCII-encoded.