Per Open

The server MUST implement the following:

Open.InitiatorId: A GUID that identifies the initiator of the open request.

Open.LocalOpen: An Open of a shared virtual disk file in the local resource that is used to perform the local operations, such as reading or writing, on the underlying object.

Open.FileName: A variable-length string that contains the Unicode file name supplied by the client for opening the shared virtual disk.

Open.SenseErrorSequence: An unsigned 8-bit identifier indicating the sense error sequence that counts from 0 through 255.

Open.SenseErrorDataList: A list of sense errors indexed by the Open.SenseErrorSequence, as defined in section

Open.IsVirtualSCSIDisk: A Boolean that, if set, indicates that the file is a virtual SCSI disk.

Open.CreateOptions: The create options, in the format specified in [MS-SMB2] section 2.2.13.

If the server implements RSVD Protocol version 2, it MUST implement the following:

Open.IsVHDSet: A Boolean that, if set, indicates that the virtual disk is a VHD set.

Open.PendingDelete: A Boolean that, if set, indicates that the VHD set is marked to be deleted on close.

Open.VHDSSnapshotId: A GUID that identifies a snapshot in VHD set.

Open.SnapshotList: A list of snapshots, as specified in section, for the file identified by the Open object.