The purpose of the EndOfStream request is to inform the client that the server has transmitted the last RTP packet for all of the selected streams in the content.

The EndOfStream request is defined as the SET_PARAMETER request method, sent by the server to the client, as specified in [RFC2326] section 10.9, with the following additional constraints:

The response is as defined in [RFC2326] sections 7 and 10.9.

The purpose of the RTP-Info header is to allow the client to determine the RTP sequence number of the last RTP packet transmitted for each stream. Because the seq parameter specifies the RTP sequence number of the first RTP packet transmitted after the SET_PARAMETER request, it follows that the RTP sequence number of the last RTP packet transmitted prior to the SET_PARAMETER request is equal to the value of the seq parameter minus 1, modulo 65536.

The following is the syntax for the message-body, with all characters in ASCII.

 message-body       = "Session: " session-id      ; [RFC2326] section 3.4
                    "EOF: true" CRLF
                    [ ( "AdministrativeDisconnection: true" 
                     | "End-Of-Playlist-Entry: true"
                     | "RecedingEos: true" )
                   CRLF ]

The following example shows an EndOfStream request.

 SET_PARAMETER rtsp://myserver.com/ServerSidePlaylist.wsx RTSP/1.0
 Content-Type: application/x-wms-extension-cmd
 X-Notice: 2101 "End-of-Stream Reached"
 RTP-Info: url=rtsp://myserver.com/ServerSidePlaylist.wsx/audio;
 Seq=26968, url=rtsp://myserver.com/ServerSidePlaylist.wsx/video;
 X-Playlist-Gen-Id: 5351
 Content-Length: 71
 Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 23:09:36 GMT
 CSeq: 5
 User-Agent: WMServer/
 Session: 13856065358275910855
 EOF: true
 End-Of-Playlist-Entry: true