SamrCloseHandle (Opnum 1)

The SamrCloseHandle method closes (that is, releases server-side resources used by) any context handle obtained from this RPC interface.

 long SamrCloseHandle(
   [in, out] SAMPR_HANDLE* SamHandle

SamHandle: An RPC context handle, as specified in section, representing any context handle returned from this interface.

This protocol asks the RPC runtime, via the strict_context_handle attribute, to reject the use of context handles created by a method of a different RPC interface than this one, as specified in [MS-RPCE] section 3.

Upon receiving this message, the server MUST process the data from the message subject to the following constraints:

  1. If SamHandle is 0, the server MUST return an error.

  2. Otherwise, the server MUST delete the SamContextHandle (section represented by SamHandle, and then MUST return 0 for the value of SamHandle and a return code of STATUS_SUCCESS.