Create a Shadow Copy Storage Association


Create a shadow copy storage association, as defined in [MS-SCMP].

Context of Use

The administrator has to create a backup of a volume, and in this process, the administrator creates a shadow copy.


  • Admin Tool: A Microsoft Management Console (MMC) component, which is used by the administrator to configure the storage on the server.

  • Admin Client: The primary actor. The Admin Client is code that is running on the administrator's computer. The Admin Client implements client-side protocol components and consumes the storage services that are offered by the storage server. The Admin Client's interest is to correctly interpret, execute, and display the results of the commands that are issued by administrator.

  • Shadow Copy service: The server-side implementation of [MS-SCMP] and [MS-FSRVP].


  • Administrator: The administrator is the person who administers the storage. The administrator is interested in organizing the storage, setting access rights, and enforcing quota-based limits on the storage. The administrator is external to the Storage Services protocols and interacts with the Storage Services protocols through the Admin Client.


The administrator has configured the Shadow Copy service on the storage server and has the appropriate access privileges to configure the disks and volumes.

Main success scenario

  1. Trigger: The administrator requests to copy a volume by using the Admin Tool.

  2. The Admin Tool requests that the Admin Client establish a communication channel to the Shadow Copy service of the Storage Services protocols by using the GetProviderMgmtInterface, QueryVolumesSupportedForDiffAreas, and Next methods.

  3. The Admin Client contacts the Shadow Copy service to create a shadow copy storage area association between two volumes by using the AddDiffArea method, as described in [MS-SCMP] section

  4. The Shadow Copy Management creates a new shadow copy storage association object between the two specified volumes of the specified size to store configuration information in an implementation-specific manner.


The required creation of a shadow copy storage association has finished successfully.


If the communication channel for the Shadow Copy Management Protocol cannot be established, or it becomes disconnected, the Admin Client attempts to establish a connection multiple times until it fails. The shadow copy storage association creation depends on when the connection failed.