4.1.3 ILS Registration Modify Operation

After a successful Add Operation has been performed (LDAP Add Response, resultCode == 0), an LDAP modify operation is performed. The purpose of this modify is to update application-specific information related to NetMeeting options. Note that since ILS is a dynamic directory, after an Unbind has been performed, entries cannot be modified and are deleted and re-created if they need to be changed.

ModifyReqest: Object:c=-, o=Microsoft, mailto:cn=egruber@contoso.com, objectClass=rtPerson The following attributes of the user (rtPerson) are then modified as follows. Note that the name mapping in section 2.2.5 applies to the visible LDAP operation, and the attribute names can differ.

smodop: The show mode, to indicate whether the user is to be visible in the directory.

sappid: The applicationID is set to ms-netmeeting.

The applicationID is set to ms-netmeeting: The MimeType is set to text/iuls.

sappguid: The GUID is set to 008aff194794cf118796444553540000.

sprotid: The protocolID attribute is set to T120 and H323.

sprotmimetype: The protocolMimeType attribute set to (text/t120) and (text/h232).

sport: The port attribute is set to 1503 and 1720.

The entries made when connecting to ILS are dynamic directory objects as defined in [RFC2589]. If the entry is successfully updated, an LDAP response of status SUCCESS is returned.