Publisher Element

The <Publisher> element contains all the attributes for one publisher. It defines the following attributes:

  • LastUpdated: A timestamp that indicates the date and time of any changes made by any entries under the <Publisher> element. This timestamp MUST be in xs:dateTime format.

  • Name: The name of the publisher of the resources.

  • ID: A GUID, as defined in [MS-DTYP] sections 2.3.4,, and, or the fully qualified domain name, a name with a structure indicated by dots, of the server that provides the XML file. The value of this attribute MUST be globally unique.

  • Description: An optional description of the publisher.

The <Publisher> element contains the following keys in the schema that MUST be unique in a <Publisher> element.

  • TerminalServerIDKey: This declares that the ID attribute of the <TerminalServer> element (section MUST be unique among the <TerminalServer> elements contained in the <TerminalServer> element (section The ID attribute is defined in section

  • ResourceToTerminalServerRef:  This declares that references to a <TerminalServer> element by ID SHOULD be contained in <TerminalServerRef> elements. The link to the <TerminalServer> ID is in the Ref attribute as defined in section