The MBTABLE tag marks the start of the mapping from single-byte bytes to Unicode UTF-16. It has one field.

Field 1: The number of records of single-byte to Unicode mappings.

An example of the MBTABLE tag is:


The Unicode UTF-16 mapping records follow the MBTABLE section. These mapping records have two fields.

Field 1: The single byte character of the codepage.

Field 2: The Unicode UTF-16 code point that the codepage character maps to.

The following example shows mapping records for codepage 932.

 0x00 0x0000; Null
 0x01 0x0001; Start Of Heading
 0x02 0x0002; Start Of Text
 0x03 0x0003; End Of Text
 0x04 0x0004; End Of Transmission
 0x05 0x0005; Enquiry
 0x06 0x0006; Acknowledge
 0x07 0x0007; Bell
 0x08 0x0008; Backspace
 0xa1 0xff61; Halfwidth Ideographic Period
 0xa2 0xff62; Halfwidth Opening Corner Bracket
 0xa3 0xff63; Halfwidth Closing Corner Bracket
 0xa4 0xff64; Halfwidth Ideographic Comma
 0xa5 0xff65; Halfwidth Katakana Middle Dot
 0xa6 0xff66; Halfwidth Katakana Wo
 0xa7 0xff67; Halfwidth Katakana Small A
 0xa8 0xff68; Halfwidth Katakana Small I
 0xa9 0xff69; Halfwidth Katakana Small U
 0xaa 0xff6a; Halfwidth Katakana Small E
 0xab 0xff6b; Halfwidth Katakana Small O
 0xac 0xff6c; Halfwidth Katakana Small Ya