This procedure is the wide character counterpart of DUMPALLMAPS_PROC. The request and response packets are identical to DUMPALLMAPS_PROC, except that the return value is a mappingW data type instead of a mapping data type. For example, the MapSvrMBCSNameString data type is replaced with a MapSvrUnicodeNameString type in the byte stream.

 dump_map_req EnumCursor

EnumCursor: A PrincipalType and index to start or continue an enumeration.

Return Value: A mappingW type that describes an array of zero or more mapping_recordW types. Whenever the enumeration request fails to find any records to either begin or continue the enumeration, the User Name Mapping Protocol server MUST return a SUNRPC status of MSG_ACCEPTED with an accept status of SUCCESS, and MUST return 0 in the MappingRecordCount field. It MUST also return a zero-length set of mapping_recordW types in the MapArray member of the returned structure. The User Name Mapping Protocol server MUST also return current values for the server sequence_number in the Token field, and the total mapping record count for the specified enumeration in the TotalMappingRecordCount field of the returned structure.