3.1.5 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

The User Name Mapping Protocol allows a User Name Mapping Protocol client to retrieve a complete set of account mappings from the server and to maintain a copy of these mappings in a local cache. The client uses a combination of the DUMPALLMAPSXXX_PROC and GETCURRENTVERSIONTOKEN_PROC procedure calls to retrieve the account mappings and to check for updates to the account mappings in the server, respectively. The DUMPALLMAPSXXX_PROC procedure that is chosen is determined by the type of information that the User Name Mapping Protocol client chooses to cache.

All procedures other than DUMPALLMAPSXXX_PROC are self-contained in that they do not require any other procedures to be sequenced to complete successfully. The User Name Mapping Protocol client does not need to maintain any state to implement sequencing across procedure calls.

For all procedures, the processing rules for a server-returned response packet are specified in [RFC1057] section 8. The client MUST interpret server procedure response status of MSG_ACCEPTED or MSG_DENIED according to those rules.