The VDS_OBJECT_TYPE enumeration defines the set of valid VDS object types.

 typedef enum _VDS_OBJECT_TYPE
   VDS_OT_UNKNOWN = 0x00000000,
   VDS_OT_PROVIDER = 0x00000001,
   VDS_OT_PACK = 0x0000000A,
   VDS_OT_VOLUME = 0x0000000B,
   VDS_OT_VOLUME_PLEX = 0x0000000C,
   VDS_OT_DISK = 0x0000000D,
   VDS_OT_HBAPORT = 0x0000005A,
   VDS_OT_INIT_ADAPTER = 0x0000005B,
   VDS_OT_INIT_PORTAL = 0x0000005C,
   VDS_OT_ASYNC = 0x00000064,
   VDS_OT_ENUM = 0x00000065,
   VDS_OT_VDISK = 0x000000C8,
   VDS_OT_OPEN_VDISK = 0x000000C9

VDS_OT_UNKNOWN:  The object has an unknown type.

VDS_OT_PROVIDER:  The object is a provider.

VDS_OT_PACK:  The object is a pack (a disk group).

VDS_OT_VOLUME:  The object is a volume.

VDS_OT_VOLUME_PLEX:  The object is a plex of a volume.

VDS_OT_DISK:  The object is a disk.

VDS_OT_HBAPORT:  The object is an HBA port.

VDS_OT_INIT_ADAPTER:  The object is an iSCSI initiator adapter.

VDS_OT_INIT_PORTAL:  The object is an iSCSI initiator portal.

VDS_OT_ASYNC:  The object maintains the status of an asynchronous VDS operation.

VDS_OT_ENUM:  The object is an enumerator that contains an enumeration of other VDS objects.

VDS_OT_VDISK:  The object is a virtual disk.

VDS_OT_OPEN_VDISK:  The object represents an open virtual disk (an OpenVirtualDisk object).