Abstract Data Model

This section describes a conceptual model of data organization that a possible implementation would maintain to participate in this protocol. The described organization is provided to facilitate understanding of how the protocol behaves. This specification does not mandate that implementations adhere to this model, as long as their external behavior is consistent with the behavior described in this specification.

CA_DNS_Domain_Name: The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the domain to which the CA belongs. This ADM element is shared with DomainName.FQDN ([MS-WKST] section

CA_Client_Name: A string that contains the CA account name. This ADM element is shared with ClientName ([MS-WKST] section

CA_Account_Name: A string that contains the security account name under which CA is running. For more information on how this ADM is initialized, see section

CA_SID: Contains the SID of the CA account.

Per_Request: A collection of ADM elements which are initialized per each certificate request and are only valid during the processing of that request. This collection contains two elements:

Per_Request.Caller_Account_Name: A string that contains the caller's account name.

Per_Request.Caller_SID: Contains the SID (section 2.4.2), as specified in [MS-DTYP] section 2.4.2, of the end entity that requested a certificate from CA.

Note that some of the elements of this section are used by servers implementing the [MS-CSRA] protocol.

Note The abstract interface notation (Public) indicates that this abstract data model element can be directly accessed from outside this protocol.