1.5 Prerequisites/Preconditions

This extension is to be implemented by a device (either source or receiver) that implements the Miracast v1.1 protocol [WF-DTS1.1]. This extension is only available when used in conjunction with other devices that support this extension, otherwise the functionality will be ignored.

A source that implements this extension sends mouse cursor information to the sink in a similar format to an OS passing cursor information to a local display driver. Some sinks cannot support the XOR operation used by monochrome and color mask cursors, and in order to allow hardware cursor functionality on those sinks, the sink capabilities include a flag noting whether the sink supports the XOR operation. If the sink does not support XOR, the source converts any XOR masks into non-XOR masks. If a sink supports this extension, then it must support the alpha color cursor image type.

With the alpha cursor color image, a 32 bits per pixel ARGB image is supplied, with the 8 bit alpha value used to blend between the RGB values in the display image and the RGB values in the cursor image. The result of the blending operation is sent to the display.